Wendy Wheeler's Electronic Portfolio

Campaign & Banner Portfolio

Auto Finance News Banner

One of the many web banner ads I worked on for CSC's lending services, where I would launch a multichannel campaign when new thought leadership was created. In this case, we had a new white paper I helped co-write to promote to a focused market, automotive lenders on Auto Finance News. This banner is in Flash though in 2012 CSC quit using Flash for its website to work on tablets and other mobile platforms. The campaign got a good number of impressions, clicks and inquiries too! View the animation in your browser here.

Lending Services Postcard Mailer

This is the postcard mailer that promoted the same white paper as the animated banner (slide#1 in this set). The vast majority of our campaigns at CSC were email blasts. A few lists for the Consumer Loan/Banking Services solutions didn't have email addresses so I would send one or two printed campaigns a year. These same people were likely to visit the industry site where the flash banner ad appeared, so all channels were coordinated with same branding. Download the 2-page postcard file.
LendingServices Postcard

Eloqua Campaign: Online User Authentication

I led the first two pilot programs in CSC's Financial Services Group when we transitioned to Eloqua campaign management for lead generation, which was a phase in the integrated digital marketing initiative that Corporate decreed. One pilot was in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese). This campaign for ConfidentID Mobile User Authentication was highly complex, with three email offers, multiple confirmations, and a very complex test-bed/Eloqua flow. I didn't do the programming but I had hours of oversight and planning to get it done! Download a PDF of email #1.
Confident ID email

Project/Resource Management Mailer

At PlanView, we did two major printed campaigns a year, plus two issues of PROJECT WIZARD, the PlanView newsletter. That was in addition to web campaigns, which we did to promote webcasts on special topics, etc. Download this 6-panel mailer.
Planview Mailer

PlanView Banners -- Animated Sales Banners

These banners for PlanView Software were conceived and written by me and designed and produced by our web designers as animated GIFs (give them a moment and they'll animate), which can work on almost any browser platform. Using just two colors keeps the file size small (a requirement) but the right two colors looks fun & jazzy.