Wendy Wheeler's Electronic Portfolio

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Online User Validation -- ConfidentID Mobile Brochure

The multi-factor online authentication software CSC offered transitioned to Banking while I was the Creative Project Manager for Banking Solutions. We did many campaigns, webinars, white papers, and this brochure for ConfidentID Mobile User Authentication. All of them used the consistent branding we created and taglines. Download the whole brochure.
Confident ID

Software Portfolio Modernization -- FuturEdge Brochure

At CSC, I was the global financial services creative project manager, so worked with global executives and global functional teams to support offerings like FuturEdge, which had applications beyond financial services. This brochure had oversight from the top executive levels at CSC, needed a quick turnaround, and had to be printed "in the cloud" to make overseas events. But we did it! Download the whole brochure.
Future Edge

Overview Sheet -- Celeriti Business Intelligence

This is one of five one-page overview flyers (for each of five functional areas) for the new enterprise banking suite CSC released a few years ago. The Celeriti offering, which is all about speed hence the cheetah, also had six brochures for each of the six applications. Download the whole overview.
Celeriti Business Intelligence

Banking White Paper on Future Proofing

Thought leadership co-authoring! I cowrote this white paper with the CSC Banking CTO about how to meet the current business challenges in the banking industry with agile technology. White papers are interesting to create as they must be educational and not a hard-sell. I worked out the structure so we could highlght actionable content. Download 'Future Proof Banking Technology.'
FutureProof Banking

Insurance White Paper -- in Portuguese

Thought leadership in other languages! Others at CSC wrote the English version of this white paper, "Top Ten Things Most (Insurance) Vendors Won't Tell You about Modernization." It highlights a global product, FuturEdge, that I was account manager for. Then we supported CSC's Latin America region, by having it translated and redesigned in Portuguese.

White Paper --Integrated Project/Resource Management

More thought leadership! I wrote or ghostwrote many papers for magazine publication, trade events, partner conferences, and more at PlanView. This is a project management paper presented at PMI about Pharmaceuticals: Using Skills Scheduling and Virtual Teams to Cut Costs. This was part of my early research on creating a PlanView product management solution for Pharma, which became one of the company's leading products after I pitched and wrote a brief on it.
Planview Philosophy

Capabilities Brochure -- PlanView

This 12-page overview brochure for PlanView overviews its rich suite of functions. Then I created other docs and companion briefs to give details on each area. This brochure also has some of many infographics I designed while at PlanView.Download the whole brochure.

Bank of Oklahoma Case Study

I supported CSC Credit Services with marketing before they transitioned to Equifax. This one-sheet case study shows how the Bank of Oklahoma Mortgage Division used CSC's software and services to uncover debt liabilities and help comply with the federal Loan Quality Initiative. I played a big role in getting this content right as I understood the fine points of the offering and had grounding in the regulation. Download this one-sheet case study.
Case Study