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Synopsis of MOTHER DEVINE Screenplay

If you're a producer or agent, please email me to see the whole script.

MOTHER DEVINE is a short script by Wendy Wheeler based on her urban fantasy short story. It starts with a rough morning for Uber-Yuppie Clarissa when one personal consumer item after another breaks down, making her late for her Docent's test at the Boston Museum of Fine Art. Even her SUV and fun car are both in the shop, so Clarissa gets a brainstorm. The environment is so important, so why not trying riding the public bus like they're always suggesting on TV?

Turns out only wackos and weird people seem to ride the bus, is why not. Clarissa is sure one man has a gun, another one just repeats "Oh God" to everything she says, and the gangsta kids in the back seem to be planning something.

Then a lovely older, black woman sits beside her, chatting about geography and legislation. She introduces herself as Mother Devine, and she smells heavenly, like clean-cut grass. She's able to dig into her amazing purse and come up with everything anyone needs--even a sandwich for Clarissa at one point.

When the psycho with the gun suddenly makes his move, the busdriver abandons his vehicle, and the thugs at the back step up their menace, Mother Devine's purse is stolen, and she calls to Clarissa for help. When one of the thugs begins to turn the purse inside out, and the ground beneath suddenly begins to shake, Clarissa finally connects all the clues as to the true nature of Mother Devine and her green-and-blue purse. Clarissa takes a stand, as we all must do, to protect the Mother.

Note to producers: The screenplay for this film is only about 19 pages long. There are a few scenes in Clarissa's apartment, a couple of scenes on a city street, and then the bulk of the scenes take place inside the bus. Even the special F/X were written to be easily accomplished at a low cost. I'd be willing to discuss a deferred payment on this script just to be involved in a production. So, let's talk!

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