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I was one of the first people to create an eportfolio page on my personal website! Web design classes linked to it regularly. Now? Old hat!

I just recently retired to write fiction and screenplays full time from charming Granbury, Texas. Wo0t! But for decades I was an Austin, Texas-based creative marketing professional with a wide and deep skillset in marketing, branding and new product introduction for high tech. I used my storytelling skills to help do content marketing more effectively. This was my last resume for a creative marketing professional position. Check out my links and portfoliow viewer. You can stop the slidesets at any point and, in most cases, click to download a PDF of the project. You can also check out my Linkedin profile.

My final jobs were at Micron Technology and its affiliate MicronCPG for the past 6 years. That company! Started as a communication strategist for data center flash storage technology,but was laid off and immediately converted to a contractor, then moved to corporate communications where I ghostwrote blogs, feature articles, tech briefs, white papers, etc. for: 5G, cloud computing, precision healthcare, gaming memory, mobile technology, and artificial intelligence. Our new Marketing VP laid me off, but grabbed me back when she realized I was the only tech-savvy content creator. Then I was laid off a 3rd time & immediately got hired by the new MicronCPG affiliate doing white papers and briefs for campaigns like the new Why NVMe Storage. Happy to retire now!

DELL IOT & SERVICES: As senior messaging manager for the Internet of Things (IoT) product group when it was part of Edge Solutions at Dell I wrote and produced its first webzone, in 18 languages. I co-created a hugely popular IoT Showcase event at Dell EMC World with solution blueprints I co-authored for each kiosk like this one for MicroGrid, plus was key member of the social media marketing project called the IOT SME University.

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Career Details:
Retired in March 2023, but for the previous 6 years was a content creator for Micron Technology, based in Boise, creating technical marketing assets that I then used for branding, product introduction and revenue generation. I was known for taking technical input and making it a strong marketing asset.

At Dell, I was a senior messaging advisor for IOT, while it was at Dell not EMC. Delivered product messaging, websites, brochures, datasheets, white papers, videos, partner events and collateral and helped with lots of social and digital marketing. I'm also a certified IOT Social Subject Matter Expert, a program I graduated from and helped to run. My first Dell position was as senior marketer and storyteller for Dell Services, the company H.Ross Perot started, now sold to NT Data.

At CSC I worked for the Financial Services Group, which develops software for insurers, banks and investment companies. I co-built the company's first industry-specific blog, was active in the massive Corporate rebranding, and managed media relations. Became a leader in integrated digital marketing, launched the pilot projects in Eloqua. Was the go-to person for new product messaging, and became the defacto product marketing manager for the Banking solutions. The FSG has since been merged with HPE to create DXC.

Whereas CSC was a Fortune 150 company with many software and services to support in Financial Services, my work at Planview was Director of Marketing for one (high-end) software. This small department did it all: lead generation, event management, web design and content, collateral, client stories, thought leadership pieces... I helped Planview achieve 10-20% revenue growth each year and kept us top of mind with industry analysts. ... These four jobs represent decades of experience.


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