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How to Find the Hyde Park House

    Where: 508 East 42nd Street, Austin

    When: Date and Times are in Your Email Invitation

    You must be visiting this page because you heard Wendy's giving a party. Woo-hoo! This page is my all-purpose, how-to-find-me party page.

    Allergy alert: I have a cat! But I'm a very tidy housekeeper, and always clean my carpets and upholstery before a party, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

    Map to 508 East 42nd St

    How to get to 508 East 42nd-

    1. Get to the intersection of 38th Street and Duval Street (in central Austin)
    2. Go north on Duval.
    3. At 42nd Street on your right, turn right.
    4. My house is the 5th house on the left and has 508 over the door. Look for a white house with a big porch, red door, black shutters. Park in the driveway or on the street.

    Alternative Instructions:

    1. You can also take MoPac North to 38th Street or to 45th Street and drive into town until you come to Duval. My street, 42nd Street, is between these two; the numbers on the streets are consecutive so it's easy (but Park Street comes between 42nd and 43rd Steets).
    2. My part of 42nd Street is between Duval and Red River, and about 2/3 mile from IH-35.
    3. If you've been to Hancock Rec Center, you were only 1.5 blocks from my house.

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