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Study Group Meetings of the SlugTribe

The Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Study Group of the AWL / WLT

Visit our website www.slugtribe.org

Where we meet:

41st and Red River, in Austin TX on the grounds of the golf course there in the clubhouse, which is called Hancock Rec Center in Activity Room #2.

When we meet:

the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month from 7:00 to 10:00 pm

Map to 4102 Red River
How to Find Us:
  1. Get on IH 35 on the lower level
  2. Exit on 38th St. and go West (if you're going north on the Interstate, then go left on 38th; if you're going south, then take 38th to the right)
  3. At the intersection of 38th and Red River (there's a light), turn right
  4. At the intersection of Red River and 41st St (there's a light), turn left
  5. About 8 car lengths down 41st, there's a dark, sharply inclined driveway to the left; take it!
  6. Et voila! You've found the parking lot for the Hancock Rec Center!
We've been meeting, networking and critiquing for over 20 years now. We're the longest-lived and "most successful" of the Austin Writers League study groups!

Typically, we'll start the meeting with announcements, then count up the people with manuscripts or projects to discuss. Folks with work to be read will either bring copies (15-18 to be safe), and we'll read and discuss that night. Sometimes they'll have a single copy so the work is read aloud. A short story or a novel chapter are what folks usually bring, and we sometimes work on 4 or 5 a night. We occasionally get people with story or novel ideas who want a brainstorming session, and that's okay too!

Links to Some Present and Erstwhile SlugTribe Members

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